WhiplashPC Profesional Trading Systems
Mar 18, 2024

WhiplashPC-AMD Ryzen7 5800X

Phantek P400A

AMD RyZen7 5800X CPU Features 8 core @ 3.8ghz and Max boost 4.7ghz.

This System will be fully customizable and starts out with 3 Monitor support and 32GB DDR4 3600 Ram.

The 650 Watt Modular Power supply features a 10 Yr. Warranty,

Motherboard will provide Bluetooth and WIFI Plus the X570 flagship Chipset,

1 TB M.2 PCI-E 4 Gen 4 for blistering execution and lightning fast storage,

This system will be Air cooled with an Aftermarket silent Cooler for Ultra quiet operations at any speed,

This system starts @ $1899.00 + Actual Shipping cost. FedEx Insured Ground.

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