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AMD RYZEN 7 1800X 8 Core High End Gamer

AMD RYZEN 7 1800X 8 Core CPU,

 EVGA Liquid Cooling CPU Solution,

16GB DDR4 3200 MHZ Ram

500 GB SSD

EVGA Full Tower DG 84 Case

Evga SuperNova 750 Watt Power Supply

Evga GTX1080 Graphics 4 Monitor Support 8 GB Ram

Asrock Fatal1ty ATX  X370 Motherboard


*Optional Graphic Cards And CPU Configuration Available



AMD RYZEN 7 Extreme Performance

AMD 7 1700 8 core cpu,

16 Gb DDR4 Dual Channel Ram,

Asrock  X370 Premium  ATX motherboard,

600 Watt power supply,

Coolermaster  Masterbox 5 Lite Case Mid Tower,

250 Gb SSD,

GTX 1050 graphics card with 3 Monitor support,

AIO liquid CPU cooler,

Windows 10 64 Bit,