Maybe you don’t need a PC and you want to speed up your own system. WhiplashPC can help, we offer top of the line PC upgrades at a reasonable price. So if your in the market for that new 4K monitor? Need more ram? maybe a new motherboard? or perhaps you would like to add an SSD to bring your old system to life. Maybe you want to add a Dual TV Tuner card and convert your PC into a multi media powerhouse.   Your old power supply is fizzing out? Maybe you want to play the latest in PC games with a new high powered GTX graphic card. We also Endorse top of the line monitor stands from Tykesupply.com.  Contact Colton and let me serve you, you will be glad you did. If your thinking about adding some new hardware to your system contact us and we can let you know about pricing and compatibility issues.

Prices change often in the Pc hardware sector, when we give you a quote it will reflect the latest price and availability for the product inquired about.

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 autodesk headset 



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