Frequntly asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions.


How long will it take to get my computer?


Usually it takes 10 business days depending on holidays and weather delays.


What if a part on my computer breaks and I need assistance setting something up?


We have no problem replacing a broken part or helping you set something up.

If you have trouble with setting something up on your computer we will use a program called team view to fix your problem.


Do you offer technical support?


We offer technical support through email at and through phone if we can’t resolve your issue through email.

We have no problem helping you setup your computer when you get it however we don’t supply technical support for items or accessories purchased through another vendor.


What is the warranty on your computer systems?


We offer a 1 year warranty limited for parts and labor on our computers.

We have no problem fixing or replacing the item as long as you didn’t break the item yourself by water damage or unnecessary roughness INTERNAL PARTS ONLY dongles / adapters are your responsibility.

We don’t cover parts taken apart or broken by you.

We cover the internal parts as long as you didn’t break the item by unnecessary roughness.

Software related issues such as windows / installations and any other driver glitch problem is your responsibility.

Warranty information from manufactures listed below.

Video cards have at least a 2 year warranty from the manufacture

Hard drives have a at least a 2 year warranty from the manufacture

Motherboards have a 3 year warranty from the manufacture

Processors carry a 3 year warranty from the manufacture

Power Supplies have a 3 year warranty from the manufacture

DVD roms have a 1 year warranty from the manufacture

Memory has a lifetime warranty from the manufacture

Dongles / Adapters Don’t carry a warranty.

Keyboards and mice will have the warranty will be listed on the retail box.

Whiplash PC offers a 1 year warranty on the systems that we sell . The warranty from the manufactures usually goes beyond our 1 year warranty so if a part breaks you can contact the manufacture for replacement options.

WHIPLASH PC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR REPAIRS, REPLACEMENTS, PARTS OR LABOR BEYOND 1 YEAR OF PURCHASE. Beyond one year of owning the product all issues regarding the broken part must be replaced / repaired through the parts manufacture.


Do you include the speakers, monitor, keyboard or mouse with the purchase of a new computer?

Answer. No we don’t we offer any accessories such as keyboards, monitors , mice or monitors unless requested at the time of quote.

If you’re interested in a additional item such as keyobard or mouse you must ask for it in your quote. Question.

What if my computer arrives damaged?


All damage claims must be filed through the shipment company if the system arrives with visible damage. Question.

What if my computer breaks down under warranty?


Buyer is responsible for shipping cost if the computer must be sent back.

Repairs are 100 percent free but shipping is 100 percent your responsibility Question. Am I allowed to overclock?


No over clocking will void your warranty.

We cover the systems that we over clock by request because we use fail safe over clock settings that won’t harm any internal parts. Question.

do you accept returns?


No we don’t accept returns after 7 days of ordering we only offer repairs beyond 7 days of owning the product.

Returns will only be accepted if the product has no user damage and a restocking fee will follow.

If you don’t see your question up on the board feel free to write any questions you may have to

we reserve the right to:

Make changes, including change in price, content, description, terms, etc. at any time without notice.

We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.