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Holiday Special Until New Years Day Whiplash i5 3 Monitor Support System “Get Yours Today”

This Is A Very Fast i5 CPU for Blazing Speed @ An Amazing Price,

Holiday Special $50 off until New Years Day Get Yours Today,

Intel i5 7400 @ 3.0 GHZ,

8 GB DDR4 Dual Channel Ram,

250 GB SSD,

Mini Atx Premium Motherboard,

3 Monitor Support,

Lots of Room For Future Upgrades,

500 Watt Power Supply,

Mid Tower Case,

Windows 10 64 Bit,

Normal Price is $995.00 Buy Now For   —–>$945.00 Few days left!

The New 2018 RockStar

The New RockStar Configuration,

Intel i7 8700K Cpu @ 3.7 Ghz 4.7 Turbo,

16GB DDR4 2666 Quad Channel Ram,

500 GB SSD,

Windows 10 Pro,

Corsair Mid Tower Case with RGB Case fans(Choose your Favorite Color),

Nvidia Based Graphics along with Intel for 6 Monitor Support,

750 Watt Modular Power Supply,

Premium ATX Motherboard featuring Bluetooth,Wifi and Intel’s latest Chipset,

Liquid Cooled CPU for smooth quiet operation,

This System is  available with Intel i5 or i7 CPU as well as changes to monitor support and memory Just send me an email for your custom quote,

Price as the flagship i7 configuration shown here is $2200.00 + Actual Shipping cost usually between $55-75 continental U.S.

AMD RYZEN 7 1800X 8 Core Frag Tower

AMD RYZEN 7 1800X 8 Core CPU,

 EVGA Liquid Cooling CPU Solution,

16GB DDR4 3200 MHZ Ram

500 GB SSD

EVGA Full Tower DG 84 Case

Evga SuperNova 750 Watt Power Supply

XFX Radeon RX Vega 64 Graphics

Asrock Fatal1ty ATX  X370 Motherboard


*Optional Graphic Cards And CPU Configuration Available



Warbuck$ Rig

 DTRS WarBucks Recommendation,

 Latest CPU Intel i5 8600K @ 3.6 GHZ- 4.3 GHZ,

8GB DDR4  Dual Channel Ram,

250GB SSD,

Windows 10 64 Bit,

650 Watt Power supply,

Corsair Carbide Cube Case,

Premium AXT motherboard

3 Monitor Support with lots of upgrade space,

Aftermarket Cpu Air Cooler,

Will Customize just email me for your custom quote,

Price $1325.00 + Shipping

Intel i7 Extreme Whiplash X Series

Intel i7 7740X CPU 4.3 GHZ

16 GB DDR4 Dual channel Ram

250 GB SSD

Windows 10 64 Bit

Corsair Premium Tempered Glass Case

55o Watt Modular Power Supply

Zalmon CPU Cooler

GTX 1050Ti Graphics 3 Monitor support

$1500.00 Subtract $100.00 for i5 Extreme CPU

AMD RYZEN 7 Extreme Performance

AMD 7 1700 8 core cpu,

16 Gb DDR4 Dual Channel Ram,

Asrock  X370 Premium  ATX motherboard,

600 Watt power supply,

Coolermaster  Masterbox 5 Lite Case Mid Tower,

250 Gb SSD,

GTX 1050 graphics card with 3 Monitor support,

AIO liquid CPU cooler,

Windows 10 64 Bit,